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  SEO Keyword Relevance

Keyword relevance is the relationship of a keyword to a topic as entered by a user in a search query or on another section on a web page. Relevance for a particular keyword or set of keyword is not obtained simply by having them in a the page, there are other semantically relevant words that must also be included in the copy for the document to be deemed as relevant.  In most cases, the semantically relevant words are industry-specific jargon. Fortunately, for a business owner writing about products or services in his/her own industry, the chances are good that the semantically relevant words will already be present in the language that is naturally used to talk to visitors and potential customers. 

For writers writing in a new vertical, there are an abundance of semantic analysis tools that generate lists of semantically relevant keywords surrounding a single selected keyword.  A quick way to generate a helpful (but not comprehensive) list of semantic words is to enter the keyword (the main focus of the content) into a keyword research tool.  The top 5-10 terms under the section labeled ‘additional keywords to consider’ hold fairly high amounts of semantic relevance.

Figure 1 shows a web page that uses several relevant keywords in the content of the web page to improve its search engine ranking.


Keyword Relevance Diagram

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Book

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