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Mobile Advertising

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 Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is the communication of messages or media content to one or more potential customers who use mobile devices. According to ABI Research, the mobile advertising industry will reach $19 billion in 2011 [[i]]. At the beginning of 2008, mobile advertising network was already delivering 2 billion mobile ads per month [[ii]]!

Mobile advertising ranges from simple text messaging to intelligent interactive ad messages. The key parts of a mobile advertising system include the advertiser, a mobile ad network, mobile system operators, and mobile devices.

Mobile advertisers create ads and marketing campaigns that define demographic profiles for recipients of the ads (geographic territory, customer types). Mobile ad networks gather the ads and campaign information from the advertisers and send the ads to multiple mobile system operators that have customers that match the marketing campaign profiles. Mobile operators receive the ads along with their marketing requirements, and identify mobile devices that meet the marketing profiles and have the capability to display ads. The mobile devices receive the ads and display them to viewers at appropriate times such as when the user has selected a related information service (e.g. get ring tones).

This figure shows how a mobile advertising system can work. In this example, a company creates and submits a small banner ad to a mobile advertising network and selects the location, time and category as the ad promotion criteria. The mobile advertising network submits these ads to multiple mobile networks and keeps track of the transmission, selection and response to these ads. The mobile system operators review the capabilities of the mobile devices in their network to determine which devices can receive and respond to mobile ads.

Mobile Advertising System Diagram

Mobile Advertising System Diagram

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Introduction to Mobile Advertising Book

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Introduction to Mobile Advertising

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