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 Web Analytics

Web analytics are the processes that are used to evaluate the operations and performance of programs or services that operate on the Internet.

This figure shows some of the ways to measure the effectiveness of Internet marketing programs. This table shows that common Internet marketing measurements range from requests for each object on a single web page to displaying a history of which pages a visitor has accessed after they connect to a web site. Page hits represent each item requested by a visitor and there can be many objects (such as multiple pictures). Page view displays is the number of complete presentations of a web page for a visitor. The number of pages viewed per visitor can be an indication on how interested visitors are in the web site content. Clicks are the number of links selected by web page visitors. Unique clicks are the number of links that are selected by different visitors. Conversions are a measure (usually in percentage) of how many actions (such as purchases) resulted from web visits. Click trails are a history of the web pages that each visitor went to during their visit to the web site.

Web Analytics Diagram

Web Analytics Diagram

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