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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Book

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Book
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Ad Rotation Ad Rotation
Ad rotation is the changing of ads that are displayed using a list of ads. Ad rotation may be performed for all visitors or for repeat visitors.
Ad Rotation Mobile Ad Rotation
Mobile Ad Rotation
This figure shows how ads can be rotated to the same user. This example shows that the ads that can be presented to the same recipient in a specific order. The first ad introduces the recipient to concept of a new news service. The second ad highlights a benefit of the news service. The third ad provides information on where the user can obtain a subscription to the news service.
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Telecom Billing Book
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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Book
This book explains how search engines operate and the ways that can help increase the ranking of search engine results. Explained are various ways that can be used to measure the success and economic performance of your search engine optimization (SEO) projects.

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