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Affiliate Marketing

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 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of sharing marketing and sales programs between companies that want to sell products (merchants) through other companies (affiliates) that are willing to promote these products to their customers. The affiliate merchant compensates the affiliate partners for their role in communicating and selling to customers.

An affiliate link is an Internet hyperlink that redirects potential customers from one web site to another website. Affiliate link operation requires the sending of tracking codes upon user selection of the link ("clicks the link") that identifies which affiliate partner the user has come from. These tracking codes may be part of the hyperlink (visible to the user) or they may be sent along with the link when the user clicks on the hyperlink (hidden from the user). These identification codes may be used to update the processing of orders such as discounts or to direct the affiliate visitor to preferred products.

This figure shows the basic operation of affiliate links. This example shows that affiliate links are provided to affiliate marketing partners and these links are inserted on pages that have a common interest with the affiliate's product. When visitors to the affiliate web sites click on the affiliate link, this link provides the web address of the destination page along with an affiliate ID code. When the destination page is accessed, the affiliate ID code is stored during the visitor's session. If the visitor purchases a product, the affiliate ID is stored along with the order information. This order information and affiliate commission table is used to calculate the commissions that are paid to the affiliate partner.

Affiliate Link Operation Diagram

Affiliate Link Operation Diagram

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   Affiliate Marketing Books

Introduction to Mobile Advertising Book

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Affiliate Marketing

This book explains how to setup and manage affiliate marketing programs through affiliate agreements. Discover how to begin selling your products through other companies without direct negotiation. Learn how to create affiliate partnerships, and setup and track links on their web pages. Understand affiliate marketing economics including the revenue sources.

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