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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Book

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  Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engine optimization is the process or processes that adjust web site descriptions, keyword content, and links to/from other web sites to improve the relative ranking of the search engine list response to keyword searches.

This figure shows the basic operation of a search engine. This example shows that the search engine starts by creating an index of web pages by searching through web sites. It analyzes and captures information on these web pages to update the index (e.g. what keywords that the web pages contain). The search engine receives a search request with key words and/or operational criteria. The search engine reviews the search with its index to create a new list of web pages that match the search criteria (the search result).

Search Engine Operation Diagram

Search Engine Operation Diagram

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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Book

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Search Engine Optimization

This book explains how search engines operate and the ways that can help increase the ranking of search engine results. Explained are various ways that can be used to measure the success and economic performance of your search engine optimization (SEO) projects.

$14.99 Printed, $11.99 eBook9.99 Printed, $16.99 eBook


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